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Reduced-opera-orchestrations-orchestral reduction
Opera Project rehearsing the reduced orchestration of Eugene Onegin in the Theatre Bar of The Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bristol, UK in 2012.
Jonathan Lyness’s reduction of the score for a dozen players is a triumph”
La bohème, The Tobacco Factory Theatre

Reduced Orchestrations of Operas for hire.

OperaOrchestrations.co.uk is a small music library, based in the UK, consisting of reduced orchestrations of a number of operas. The catalogue of reduced opera orchestrations has been building up over some twenty-five years and now includes nineteen complete operas in reduced orchestration as well as chamber arrangements of one-act operas and miscellaneous extracts from other works.

If you have a query about any of the orchestral reductions, require further information or would like a quote for hire and performance, please email with as much performance detail as possible and we will respond as quickly as we can.