Romeo and Juliet Reduced Orchestration

Romeo and Juliet Reduced OrchestrationRomeo and Juliet

Charles Gounod

Reduced Orchestration: 1(picc)011 1100 11111 harp/organ timp/perc

Flute/Piccolo(optional), Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Trumpet, Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Harp/Organ, Timpani/Percussion

This orchestral reduction of Gounod’s Romeo and Juliet is aimed for performance using twelve players (this assumes that the harp is able to double with the organ – if the harp and organ are separate players then thirteen players are required).

The arrangement also works with an increased sized string section. Two sets of string parts are available: a ‘single strings’ set (when performing with just a string quintet 11111); and a ‘multiple strings’ set (minimum string requirement is 2 x Violin I, 2 x Violin II, 2 x Viola, 2 x Cello, 1 x Double Bass).

This reduced orchestration includes all of the music from the opera, including the full version of Juliet’s aria ‘Dieu! Quell frisson’. An alternative ending for Act III, the Final des Duels (Version de l’Opera) is also included.

This orchestral reduction of Romeo and Juliet was a 2010 commission from the opera company Operosa, based in Bulgaria. It has since been performed extensively with both single and multiple strings across the UK, the USA and in Hong Kong. Performances in 2023 include Lyric Opera of Orange County in the USA and Opera du Royaume in Canada.

Eraldo Salmieri’s small orchestra began to weave its night-magic in Jonathan
Lyness’s expert reduction, melting into the first of those long duets…”

Romeo and Juliet, Operosa at Evxinograd Castle, Varna, Bulgaria
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